Tiffany & Josh High are self made, real estate entrepreneurs based in Columbus Ohio. Heels Homes, ltd was founded in 2017, a real estate company that acquires and transforms residential real estate properties into high performing assets or flips. As founders of Heels Homes, they have developed a track record of success, closing hundreds of wholesales and rehab deals. Real estate results go beyond the wholesale/rehab industry, building an active rental portfolio while coaching some of the top aspiring real estate entrepreneurs on the systems that have made her successful.

Tiffany and her husband/COO Josh High, have built an industry standard, systematic approach that allows entrepreneurs to scale their business by delegating tasks, lowering lead costs and overhead, all while increasing bottom line profits. Their focus is helping entrepreneurs scale their business, with a lean team and proven follow up processes. Their approach allows entrepreneurs to take back control of their business by focusing on income producing tasks. Josh has become well known as one of the top sales leaders in the industry. He believes in adding daily structure, kpis and leadership to manage a consistently performing sales team.

What makes Tiffany and Josh unique is their focus on RESULTS. They are passionate about their students’ results and have built a multi-million dollar education company off word of mouth advertising. Not many can say the same in this industry!

Educating and empowering real estate investors to build consistent and predictable sales teams with a proven recruiting, onboarding, and leadership process to achieve cash flow and ultimate freedom.

“I’ve never met a more authentic hard working power couple that are straight to the point. They give you very precise actionable items that give you results. I have been through a lot of educational trainings in my career and I find their methods are very result driven and that’s what we all want as business owners, is to get results.”

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Interviewer Topics

  • How we onboard, manage and lead a lean mean sales team producing millions in revenue

  • The journey of quitting a 6 figure job and taking 6 months to find our first deal to rehabbing hundreds of houses a year

  • Tiffany partnered with a VA company overseas and built over 130 turnkey VAs for her investors that allow investors to quickly streamline and copy her systems

  • Josh’s perspective on going from “managing” to “leading” a sales team

  • How to lead acquisition’s people through clear cut metrics and accountability

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