Results Driven REI is the educational resource for experienced and novice real estate investors that teaches them how to build, stabilize then scale teams the right way.

Here’s where you probably are right now if you found us online…

You’re probably doing marketing such as cold calling, texting, maybe doing some direct mail, ppc or even commercials. But you still can’t seem to land deals CONSISTENTLY like other people do in your market. You are pounding the pavement and looking to bring deals back to life in your CRM every day. 

But the problem is, everybody else has teams that are out performing yours….

Imagine what your life would look like if your docusign was sending you “contract signature complete” emails daily with deals getting locked up. Your team becomes a well oiled machine who performs CONSISTENTLY. Each one of their calls checks every box in the process!

You get to a point where you aren’t afraid to maximize your exit strategies, you flip what needs flipped, wholesale the big ones and wholetail the deals to make double the profits than what you are today. Each closer on your team averaging over 5 deals a month like they should be! Or maybe you are a 1 man show and need to hire someone one soon who can do 5+ deals a month for you!

We do this through…

1. Foundation: We need to clean up your front end before you hire people on top of chaos.

2. Recruiting: How we find the right people to fill the right seats

3. Onboarding: Most investors skip proper onboarding. Don’t worry, we have full onboarding built out for you when you hire your sales team members. You don’t need to recreate the wheel!

4.Infrastructure: We help you implement the infrastructure it takes to not only perform consistently but to sustain the talent you recruited. Through things like meeting rhythms, agendas, one one one, performance reviews and how to run call audits weekly with your team

5. Management: 1st you need to learn how to manage the team and hold them accountable to specific metrics daily 

6. Leadership: This is when we walk you through how to hire a Team Lead. You’ll then be able to the next level to provide a career path and not just a “job” to our teams. At this stage is where you start to work ON the business and not IN the business







Master proper recruiting, onboarding, leading, and managing a sales team that generates millions in real estate revenue

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